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roasting with a purpose

10% of the proceeds from your purchase goes to the charity of your choice

fundraising structure

How can I donate?


At the checkout, we will give you the option to choose an organization, and every time you shop, we give 10% of the proceeds to the organization you selected.

What if I don't choose an organization?

We still give!

If a customer decides not to select an organization, we will distribute the funds amongst all of the organizations registered with us.

How to register an organization?

Contact US

The registration is a fast and straightforward process. You give us the information of your nonprofit and we'll contact them.

What is the typical duration of a project?


The duration of a fundraising project is determined by the entity we're raising funds for.  Could be for just a few days or permanent.

How does the organization receive the funds?

Every time you shop, we give!

Every time we reach the threshold determined by the organization, we send them a check for 10% of the proceeds for that period.