We have two Limited Edition coffees from Guatemala.

AFICIONADO - Light Roast

BOLD BREW - French Roast

"Aficionado" Coffee has a medium body, a lovely sweet aroma of red fruits, and a hint of lemony aftertaste. And, if that’s not enough to excite you, our “Bold Brew” coffee French Roast version is bold and toasty with notes of dark chocolate and cherry when cold-brewed. Trust us—it’s irresistible!

The Origin
Cooperative Chajulense, San Gaspar Chajul, Guatemala

The Guatemalan Civil War came to an end in 1996, which left the Chajulense people feeling victimized and distrustful of outsiders. Coop. Chajulense, Guatemala’s first fair trade and organic coffee association, existed to provide economic opportunities. The founder undertook several projects to help diversify farmers’ income, including a honey project, a women’s textile project, a cardamom project, and a cheese factory. Additionally, he established a radio station, a training center, and a hostel. He created a mediation process to solve legal problems, a natural medicine program, an education program for adults, scholarships for Chajulense youth to attend secondary school, and a program to educate the Chajulense people on human rights.

By purchasing this coffee, you are directly supporting small farmers in Chajulense. Order yours now!