Falling in Love Over a Cup of Coffee

You don’t have to be in the “City of Love” to fall in love over a cup of coffee or have the Valentine’s Day of your dreams. While sparks in Paris may fly as high as the Eiffel Tower, be kindled against pastel-colored backdrops, and soar throughout the charming cobblestone streets, we have a little secret we’d like to share with you. Feelings of love (of all kinds) can be shared right where you are at this moment. Yes, right where you’re reading this blog. Because it’s all about the ambiance of a space and how surrounding yourself with the right elements can transport you to a new world of enchantment. Get creative this Valentine's Day and show your partner how much they mean to you, no matter where you are! Here are some fun indoor activities for you and your loved one to do this Valentine's Day:

  • The classic option: Bring in takeout from one of your favorite local restaurants or cook a special meal together and eat it inside a homemade fort. After dinner, grab allllll the junk candy you can from the store and watch a movie. The perfect combo!
  • The daring option: If you want to shake things up a bit and don't care to get a little messy, cook dinner together with one person blind-folded! The person who still has their sight can't talk and can only help the person who's blind-folded do things like mix, pour, and add ingredients. The best part is that it's a surprise, so only at the end can the person blind-folded know what they made. This activity will have you both laughing all night, especially if the dinner doesn't come out as planned. Remember to take lots of pictures!
  • The mellow option: Turn the lights down low...and have a calming spa night! Creating a home-spa experience will be romantic and oh-so relaxing, especially if you're celebrating on the actual day of Valentine's Day (because Monday's always call for selfcare!). Treat each other to massages, a hot bath, and sweet-scented candles for the perfect, chilled evening. Want to go to an actual spa instead? Just be sure to make the plans ahead of time, as many spa facilities are booked far in advance.
  • The active option: Go on a scenic drive, romantic hike, or walk around the neighborhood and just spend time in each other's presences. There's something so special about fresh air, long talks, and gorgeous views that makes this day of love so memorable.  
  • The competitive option: Game night! These are the best, especially if you and your partner are competitive. Bring out different types of games (Clue, Yahtzee, Uno, Monopoly, the Nintendo Switch, etc.) and play until you can't move another piece or draw another card. 
  • The "let's bring the outdoors indoors" option: Have you ever had an indoor picnic? If you can't make it outside this Valentine's Day, we highly suggest that you try this out! Buy some good wines, fancy cheeses, and crackers (pizza and soda also works) and set up for a romantic meal as if you were sitting alongside the crashing waves of the ocean. When you can't bring your partner to the romance, bring the romance to your partner.
  • The indecisive option: For those that just can't decide how to best spend the day and want to leave it to fate, write down a bunch of ideas on small pieces of paper, fold them up, put them into a hat or jar, and choose at random from there! Some options could include at-home wine and/or chocolate tasting, a long stroll on the beach, a day at an amusement park or museum, crafting, taking a day-trip up the coast, romantic photoshoots, ice skating, the list is endless! 

Now, let's talk coffee. This is how you're going to energize yourself for all of the Valentine's Day activities! Not to mention the romance of coffee–it’s a sensation. A lifestyle. A desire. We're talking about a drink that can be shared with a lover, or the catalyst that seals your fate with a love interest. If I were to give only three words to describe a cup of coffee, I would say sensual, warm, and awakening. Coffee can act as a communal ritual that brings us together, or instead, as an individualized ritual that brings us back to ourselves. However you consume its richness, there’s always something dreamy about sitting in a café or in the morning rays of sunshine at your kitchen table with a fresh cup of coffee in front of you. While its heat radiates within us and the aroma wafts into our noses, we feel a sense of connection to everything and everyone in sight. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll discover a connection so powerful that transcends the rims of our porcelain mugs and leads to a story of tenderness with the person we’re sharing the moment with…it’s a timeless tale. This is how we fall in love over a cup of coffee. 



So, however you're spending Valentine's Day this year, we invite you to start it with a cup of Beantween Coffee and allow us to make your day of love that much more meaningful. Beantween Coffee is set apart from its contenders for many reasons, but one of the most prominent is the love they put into their business choosing to offer high quality organic and ethically coffee sourced from small coffee growers Brazil. Gifting our coffee for Valentine’s Day to your loved ones will not only show them love, but give them an ample amount of wonderful coffee-drinking experiences ahead that shows them they are worthy of such high-quality coffee. Because they are. Our coffee is so unique, delicious, and healthy that the most special person in your life deserves a cup of it every day. We know that coffee is a love language in itself, which is why we have many lovely options to choose from: Magic Blonde, Enchanted Medium, Captivate Dark, and Seduction Espresso. Whether you’re sipping on a cup underneath sparkling patio lights or drinking it before a day of adventure with your special someone, it’s sure to add the perfect amount of sweetness and affection to your Valentine’s Day. 

Written By: BeanBlogger, Lindsay Frazin ❤️☕️

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