The Ultimate Coffee Travel Hack


Road trip (n): 1. a journey made by a car, bus, etc.

What are some of the things that come to mind when you hear these two words? Maybe it's the paved roads stretched so far in front of you that seemingly melt into the distance, classic rock tunes that you often forget you know every word of, mountains of snacks in the backseat built by all the junk food you can imagine, or the strange sensation of being so tired yet so energized all at once.  At Beantween, we LOVE exploring new places, cultures, ideas, food/drink, etc., so you can imagine how excited we were to hop on the road and travel to Seattle, Washington for a family wedding last month! Driving from Southern California to the tip-top of Washington in just two days was so incredible because we got to see the entire state of California PLUS all of the Pacific Northwest. Down below is a picture of me, BeanBlogger, with Grandma-Bean who came all the way out from Brazil! She drove with us and had such a fantastic time seeing the West Coast :-)

On the way back, we drove down through the mountains of Idaho and across the deserts of Nevada, and because we had to be back by a certain date, it took a total of three days for us to get home. We couldn't spend as much time in each state as we would've liked, but we were able to experience it all at lightning speed! As the majority of our trip was extremely driving-heavy (most days were 9-12 hours of driving), we depended on our eyes for a lot of the sight-seeing and exploration. 

Now, as I mentioned above, tiredness, restlessness, and fatigue typically always creep in during road trips...and in the beginning, this is often met with shields of adrenaline. However, there are definitely times when being tired on a road trip can interfere with your mood, ability to drive, and even travel plans. The LAST thing anyone wants to worry about is being so tired or cranky that they can't experience the beauty in front of them and be present in the moment. Traveling is so highly- anticipated and then goes by in a flash, which is why it's important to savor each moment as much as possible. We want you and whoever you embark with to have the trip of your dreams; everything that you've been waiting for and more. Here's how we can make sure that happens with just a bit of preparation and the willingness to give yourself the best of the best...even while you're on the go.
Let's talk hotels. Unfortunately, no matter how much sleep you get on the busy days/nights of a road trip, your body is still pretty exhausted. What does it want? What does it need? If it's used to caffeine every morning, then let's start there. One common misconception about coffee is that all cups of coffee are the same, and this idea couldn't be farther from the truth! They may not look any different, but we've got instant, packaged hotel coffee, commercial-grade mainstream coffee, and then specialty, organic coffee, like Beantween. Not only are the beans roasted differently, but each brewed cup will have a completely different affect on your body! The instant, packaged hotel coffee won't give you nearly as much caffeine as your tired body needs, the commercial-grade, mainstream coffee may give you a major caffeine boost but leave behind bad chemicals in your body and/or hurt your tummy, and the specialty, organic coffee will leave you energized, healthy, and ready to conquer the day. Think of it this way: if you're driving long distance and your car requires Premium gas, are you more likely to put in Regular or Premium along the way? Premium, of course!  Coffee is your fuel and the key to overcoming exhaustion, especially during the craziness of traveling. You are no different than your car in that you deserve the highest quality "maintenance," which is why we have the perfect way for you to be able to enjoy our roasts from the comfort of your own hotel room.

That's right. You need to bring just four things and it takes less than 10 minutes for the best cup of coffee you've ever had in a hotel room: Electric kettle, French Press, French Press ground Beantween coffee (whichever roast is your favorite!), and a plastic tablespoon.

Queue: WAKE UP. Open eyes, yawn, stretch.

1. Grab your electric kettle, fill it with water, and plug it in.

2. Take your bag of French Press ground Beantween coffee and scoop however many tablespoons necessary into the French Press (check the back of the coffee bag for the correct measurements).

3. Once the water in the electric kettle is boiling, pour it into the French Press, stir (optional), and let sit for 4 minutes.

4. Now you can enjoy a delicious, warm cup of coffee without even leaving your hotel room! Drink it in bed, while you're getting ready, or even take it to go if you're heading out early for a day of fun (be sure to pack some travel to-go cups for this!)

The best part about this easy coffee hack is that it's not only for hotel rooms! You can use this while camping or in an Airbnb to save some serious time and money. Here's to you and your next exploration⁠—may it be well-caffeinated and full of adventure! 

Written By: BeanBlogger, Lindsay Frazin ❤️☕️

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