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         Organic. We know the word well because we see it and hear it pretty often. Whether it has to do with food, makeup, or self-care, “organic” usually brings two things to mind: 1. The product is better for you and 2. The product is more expensive. We’ve been trained to think this way because we’re familiar with the alternative, but it’s no secret that organic really is healthier and better for us. In general, when companies adhere to organic processes, they’re making sure that their product is grown or treated without harmful chemicals, GMOs, and other nasty things that our bodies seriously should not be exposed to. So, maybe you make sure that you’re buying organic fruits and vegetables. And maybe you make sure that you’re buying organic meats. As amazing and important as that is, there’s something that you can’t skip over when you’re deciding to buy organic vs. non-organic, and it’s a morning favorite: Coffee. If you consume coffee every single morning, it’s crucial that you only drink organic, and here’s why. Let's take a look behind the bag.


You Deserve the Best

         Our story at Beantween Coffee begins with our selection of sustainable, organic farms in Brazil that operate under the Fair-trade rules. The Beantween Coffee family is originally from Brazil, and growing coffee has been a part of our family's history for many generations. Whether our role has been coffee farmers, importers, or roasters, it has always been a priority for us to provide our customers and communities with the finest coffee possible. The process of farming organic coffee beans uses only organic fertilizers and coffee pulp. While this is additional time and money invested, it’s worth it to us because it’s also an investment in you. We recognize what many coffee companies unfortunately do not, and that’s the importance of your health. You and your loved ones deserve the best coffee every morning—coffee that tastes fresh and is crafted without any mold, toxins, and high acidity.



Health Is Wealth

         When coffee beans are grown organically, it takes longer for them to grow and develop on the farm, and this significantly lowers the acidity level. Lower acidity levels + no pesticides or residues = a beverage easier on the stomach and digestion system. Drinking organic coffee will allow your body to receive all of the benefits you crave (energy, antioxidants, and vitamins) without any negative side effects!


We Need to Prioritize the Wellbeing of Farmers and Our Environment

         Non-organic coffee farms can be very harmful to farmers and communities because of the high level of chemicals in the soil that emit harmful residues and toxins into the air. Buying organic coffee also allows farmers to be paid more than if they were working on a non-organic farm. So, when you choose to buy organic coffee, you’re helping to nourish your own body as well as helping to maintain the health of everyone that produces it! One of the many reasons that Beantween Coffee sustainably sources organic coffee beans is because, in this way, we can ensure the safety and wellbeing of our farmers. Growing coffee beans organically also involves less pollution and increases biodiversity, so buying organic helps to support the environment and the surrounding communities.



         We are so thankful for all of our customers and the ability to bring them organic, sustainable coffee with each bag. Now that you know a little bit more about our story and goals at Beantween, we would love to hear yours! Send us a message or connect with us on Instagram at @beantweencoffee to tell us what you’re thankful for this season and what your personal preferences are when it comes to coffee. 

Written By: BeanBlogger, Lindsay Frazin ❤️☕️

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