Coffee and Fall Dessert Pairings Guide



        If you love food, fall is probably one of your favorite seasons. From the special desserts and fall-inspired snacks, to the seasonal harvest and holiday meals, it’s safe to say that there’s a sense of comfort unlike anything else in every bite. And let’s be honest—there are two ends of the fall “foodie” spectrum we may find ourselves on: calm evenings of curling up with an autumn dessert, or running around trying to find the most perfect spread for our holiday festivities. Wherever you land, the best thing to pair your fall sweets with is a piping cup of smooth, organic coffee. And much like wine, coffee needs to be paired correctly in order to bring out the true richness of both the food and the coffee beans. This can be tricky, so to help inspire your most delicious dessert pairings this season, we’ve created a Fall Pairings guide with various fall treats and the Beantween Coffee Roast that best compliments the flavors and textures. 


Desserts highlighted in this pairing:

- Pumpkin pie

- Cranberry scones

- Chocolate pie 

- Apple tart 

- Pumpkin bread 


Coffee highlighted in this pairing:

- Magic Blonde Roast Organic Coffee

- Enchanted Medium Roast Organic Coffee

- Captivate Dark Roast Organic Coffee

- Seduction Espresso Roast Organic Coffee


1. Pumpkin Pie 

        Who's ready for pumpkin pie, a side of pumpkin pie, and more pumpkin pie? We know we are, and that's why we've paired this dessert with our delicate-bodied Medium Roast.  


        Beantween's Enchanted Medium Roast is a mild and creamy well-balanced blend with caramel notes, and lends itself beautifully to this beloved fall classic. This blend layers itself atop the flavor of pumpkin, and the smoothness of the coffee pairs wonderfully with the autumn spices of the pie. 


2. Cranberry Scones            

        A deliciously sweet and crumbly dessert option. The cranberry scone pairs the best with the Blonde, Dark, and Espresso Roasts. 


        The Magic Blonde Roast brings out the nuttiness of the scone and, in turn, the scone magnifies the caramel flavors of the coffee. The cranberry goes very well with the delicate, blonde notes of this roast.  


        When eaten alongside the dark roast, the cranberries pull out the fruitiness of the coffee, and the two flavors almost seem to sit on top of one another, emphasizing the delectable, fruity sweetness that each offers. The cranberry enhances the darkness of this roast without muting any of the deeper coffee notes. 


        Our Seduction Espresso Roast and cranberry scone is a favorite amongst many! The two mix beautifully together—the cranberry enhances the true richness of the coffee, while the coffee underscores the creaminess of the scone. It has been said that the taste of this complimentary duo is the epitome of the festive holiday season. 


3. Chocolate Pie/Cake

        A simple, yet rich treat for chocolate lovers everywhere. Chocolate pie pairs best with the Medium, Dark, and Espresso Roasts. Quick tip: top this pie with your favorite vanilla ice cream if you want a more lightened chocolate taste! 


        Chocolate pie is great when paired with a medium roast. As the Beantween Enchanted Medium Roast beans embody a naturally chocolate, nutty flavor, both the pie and the coffee emphasize one another’s’ rich tastes. The chocolate in the pie sweetens the coffee in a way that is both subtle and smooth. 


        The combination of Beantween’s Captivate Dark Roast and chocolate pie is a match made in heaven. While the cacao taste in the pie deepens, the darkened roast becomes lighter. This flavorful pairing brings out the bold richness of both profiles in their own unique, yet very similar ways. Definitely a complementary pair!


        Without a doubt, the Beantween Seduction Espresso Roast is the best pairing for a chocolate dessert, and it was an exceptionally delicious experience for everyone at the tasting! Not only does the chocolate in the pie pull out the nutty flavor of the coffee, but the aftertaste is wonderfully pleasant, in that it almost bridges the sweetness gap between milk and dark chocolate. The sensation of the two together has a darkened complexion without any bitterness—smooth as a chocolate truffle. 


4. Apple Pie/Fritter/Tart 

        The slight sour tang and sweetness of apple desserts can be difficult to compliment with coffee because of the acidity that can so easily become accentuated on the palate. Thankfully, there isn’t any dessert that Beantween Coffee can’t be combined with, it’s only a matter of which roast! So, here’s the consensus: the Blonde Roast is the best choice that will generously balance both the sweet and the sour, as well as the butteriness of the crusts.


        While blonde roasts aren’t typically classified as being “rich” like darker roasts, our Magic Blonde Roast is smooth and very flexible in its ability to be combined with various dishes. In this case, the lightness of the blonde roast truly helps to compliment and neutralize the sugars of the apple desserts, and further highlights the creaminess of the breading and/or crust. In turn, the apple works to bring out the floral and fruity aspects of the this coffee’s profile, drawing outward the perfect blend of velvety goodness.



5. Pumpkin Bread 

        Because pumpkin bread has a different texture and oftentimes more subtle taste than pumpkin pie, we decided to throw this one in at the end of our tasting to see how it might vary in its pairing! And c’mon, who doesn’t want to drink delicious coffee with multiple pumpkin treats?? All of this being said, we found that the Medium and Espresso Roasts pair perfectly with this fall dessert.


        The pairing of the Enchanted Medium Roast with the pumpkin bread drives the hints of nut and spices to the forefront and tones down the sweetness just a bit. This is a great option for those who really want to savor all of the autumn flavors!


        The taste of pumpkin really hits home when accompanied by the Seduction Espresso Roast. The spices within the pumpkin bread are most similar to this specific roast of coffee, so the two balance one another very well. The richness of this coffee serves to bring out the strength of the pumpkin puree and sugar it was crafted with. Expect that the boldness of the coffee’s essence will become the primary focus and ultimately take the “front seat” of your tastebuds.


        For the season that marks the beginning of communal holiday meals, we hope that this guide helps you and your loved ones to experience the true fall flavors for all they offer. Beantween wishes you a warm and bright holiday season!  


Written By: BeanBlogger, Lindsay Frazin ❤️☕️

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